Shark® Air Purifiers

Here’s why you need a Shark® Air Purifier.

Shark uses its ultra-powerful multi-fan technology to quietly deliver clean air across large rooms in your home.

Clean Sense IQ™

Shark Clean Sense IQ™ monitors your air and provides a variety of information on your air quality through the touchscreen monitor.
Power for large spaces

Even in larger spaces, Shark™ Air Purifiers deliver powerful, thorough coverage to every corner of a room.
Multi-fan technology

Shark gives you a suite of high-speed micro-fans that work simultaneously to replace the air in a room multiple times per hour.
Quiet power

Micro-fans function at a quieter volume than large, single fans, delivering a more calming clean.
Responsive touchscreen

Tracks and automatically adjusts your air quality, then displays it on an easy-to-use control panel.