Shark VACMOP™ Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop with Disposable VACMOP™ Pad

The Shark VACMOP™ combines powerful suction for dry debris & spray mopping for wet stuck on messes in one no-touch disposable pad.
Includes One (1) Year Limited Warranty
The Shark VACMOP™ combines powerful suction & spray mopping in one disposable pad. Vacuum dry debris, scrub wet messes, & toss the pad. Includes cordless charging, 2 disposable pads, and a 355 ml bottle of VACMOP™ multi-surface hard floor cleaner.
Product Dimensions (cm)13.65 cm L x 24.13 cm W x 121.6 cm H
Voltage10.8 volts
ColorClean Green
Amperage7.8 amps
Wattage85 watts
Warranty (years)1 YR LIMITED WARRANTY
Number of Batteries Included1
Weight3.34 lbs

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  • Shark VACMOP™ Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop
  • ( 2 ) VACMOP™ Disposable Pads
  • ( 1 ) 12oz Shark Multi-surface hard floor cleaner
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Pro Tips Sheet

Can I vacuum and mop with the same disposable pad?
VACMOP™ Disposable Pads can be used for both mopping and vacuuming. The dirt chamber collects and locks away dirt and debris when you vacuum, while the pad’s fibers absorb messes as you mop. Dust and debris collected on the pad when vacuuming will be absorbed when mopping.
How should I dispose of my VACMOP™ pads?
Press the green release button on the VACMOP™ base to drop the pad directly into the trash.
When should I replace the pad?
Replace the pad if it becomes fully saturated, its dirt chamber is full, it's noticeably dirty, or if the VACMOP™ is showing signs of reduced suction power.
Where is the vacuumed debris collected?
The dirt chamber in every VACMOP™ pad locks away debris, dirt, hair, and more. Drop the pad and all the mess into the trash with the click of a button.

Shark VACMOP™ Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop with Disposable VACMOP™ Pad