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Extraordinary power for the everyday mess: the lightweight Shark® WANDVAC® Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum packs the suction power to take on any mess with quick maneuverability and pure Shark® performance.
Includes One (1) Year Limited Warranty

The Extraordinary Answer to the Everyday Mess.

At just under 1.4 lbs., the Shark® WANDVAC® packs incredible suction power. With its maneuverability, Shark® performance, and award-winning design, you’ll have trouble picking a favorite feature.

Powerful Lithium-Ion Technology

Ensures reliable and consistent performance use after use.

The Shark® WANDVAC® Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum combines lightweight portability with the incredible suction power of a high-speed brushless motor. Weighing just 1.4 lbs., this lightweight handheld vacuum boasts a tapered nozzle for easy debris pickup and accessories for tackling pet hair, upholstery, and tight spaces. Between cleanings, return your vacuum to the charging dock for fast recharging.
• POWERFUL CORDLESS SUCTION: High-speed, brushless motor delivers unbelievable suction power.
• ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT: At just 1.4 lbs., the hand vacuum is designed for maneuverability and easy cleaning.
• INCLUDES TOOLS FOR PET HAIR AND TIGHT SPACES: Use the Multi-Surface Pet Tool for upholstery, carpets, and pet hair. Zero in on tight spaces and car cleaning with the Duster Crevice Tool.
• ALWAYS CHARGING: Sleek charging dock designed for quick access and fast charging.
• ONE-TOUCH EMPTY: Empty debris with the single touch of a button—no getting your hands dirty.
• LED INDICATOR: LED light on control panel indicates charging status and remaining battery life.
• ERGONOMIC HANDLE DESIGN: Ergonomic handle design provides comfortable cleaning and heightened control.
• FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY: Filtration technology captures dust and large debris.
• EASY TO MAINTAIN: Hand vacuum maintenance is simple with a detachable dust cup and easily removable filter housing.
Cleaning Path Width8.51 cm
Product Dimensions (cm)41.91 cm L x 6.35 cm W x 6.1 cm H
Voltage10.8 volts
Dust Cup Capacity0.08 L
Wattage115 watts
Amperage10.6 amps
Filter TypeFabric Filter
Warranty (years)2
Number of Batteries Included1
Weight1.4 lbs

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  • Duster crevice tool
  • Multi-surface pet tool
  • Dual onboard accessory storage
  • Charging dock

How long should my battery take to charge?
Your battery should take approximately 2.5 hours to reach a full charge.
What is the life expectancy of my Shark WANDVAC™’s battery?
The Shark WANDVAC™’s battery, like all lithium-ion batteries, will naturally decrease in capacity over time from the 100% capacity of a new battery.
What cleaning accessories are available to use with the Shark WANDVAC™ Cordless Handheld Vacuum?
A wide assortment of accessories are available for use with the Shark WANDVAC™ Cordless Handheld Vacuum. Some of these accessories may be included with your handheld vacuum. Please reference the list in your Owner’s Guide. All the accessories listed below are compatible with your Shark WANDVAC™ and are available for purchase on

  • Crevice Tool
  • Duster Crevice Tool
  • Soft Dusting Brush
  • Scrubbing Brush
  • Multi-Surface Pet Tool
  • Mattress Tool
What is each accessory used for?
  • Crevice Tool: for cleaning in tight, narrow spaces. Can also be used for corners, doormats, couches, and car cleaning.
  • Duster Crevice Tool: two cleaning tools in one: the crevice tool gives you extended reach to clean in tight spaces, while the soft brush lets you dust delicate surfaces.
  • Soft Dusting Brush: for gentle cleaning and dusting of delicate surfaces.
  • Scrubbing Brush: breaks up stubborn, stuck-on debris. Great for car mats and doormats.
  • Multi-Surface Pet Tool: picks up pet hair and large piles of debris from upholstery, carpets, and other surfaces.
  • Mattress Tool: the extra-wide nozzle head is specially designed to help clean mattresses.
What are the dimensions of the vacuum in the dock?
4.1" L X 8.1" W X 15.2" H
What is included with the Shark WANDVAC™ Cordless Handheld Vacuum?
The handheld vacuum comes with a lithium-ion battery, a Charging Dock, and a variety of cleaning and storage accessories. Depending on the version you purchase, these accessories will vary slightly. To find out specifically what is included with your model, consult the Owner’s Guide or box that came with your unit.
What is the vacuum made of?
The Shark ION™ W1 Cordless Handheld Vacuum is produced with a combination of durable ABS and PP plastics, along with some metal and rubber components.
What is the weight of the vacuum?
The vacuum weighs 1.4 lbs. with an accessory.
Where is the product manufactured?
The Shark ION™ W1 Cordless Handheld Vacuum is manufactured by our high-quality vacuum manufacturing partners in China.
How do I store my vacuum?
Store the handheld vacuum by inserting the nozzle into the ION Charging Dock. You will know it is fully inserted when the blue power button light turns on.

It is recommended that you leave your vacuum on the ION Charging Dock after each use to recharge the battery completely. For optimal runtime, always return your vacuum to the dock after each use.

Shark® WANDVAC™ Cordless Handheld Vacuum - Slate