Shark® APEX® UpLight™ Vacuum with Lift-Away®, DuoClean® & Self-Cleaning Brushroll

The Shark® APEX® UpLight™ vacuum delivers powerful upright vacuum suction and ultra-light stick vacuum versatility. It combines Shark's best cleaning technologies, DuoClean® and a self-cleaning brushroll, plus Shark's lightest Lift-Away® pod with an extendable built-in hose for powerful cleaning above the floor.
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Includes Five (5) Year Limited Warranty

Reimagine Your Reach

Combine the extendable hose with the vacuum wand for extended reach to clean areas above the floor.

Converts to a Hand Vacuum

Detach the handheld vacuum for quick cleaning of messes all around your home.

Shark® has completely redesigned the Lift-Away® vacuum to combine full-size upright vacuum suction with ultra-light stick vacuum versatility. The Shark® APEX® UpLight™ delivers power, ease, and innovation on the floor, above the floor, and even in hard-to-reach areas. Shark's lightest Lift-Away® pod ever brings you two ways to clean above the floor—an integrated hose for tight spaces and detailed cleaning, and handheld mode for cleaning furniture, stairs, and more. Hypervelocity™ accelerated suction means a direct airflow path for incredible performance. DuoClean® technology deep-cleans carpets and directly engages floors, while the self-cleaning brushroll delivers nonstop hair removal—no more hair wrap.
• Hypervelocity™ accelerated suction delivers a more direct airflow path for incredible deep-cleaning performance.
• Shark's lightest Lift Away® pod features an extendable, built-in hose that allows you to clean couches, bookshelves, tight spaces, car interiors, and more.
• DuoClean® technology is a dual-brushroll system designed to deep-clean carpets and directly engage floors for a polished look.
• The self-cleaning brushroll removes long hair and pet hair with no hair wrap.
• Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology® and a HEPA filter trap dust and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner.
• The retractable wheels allow for ultimate convenience and easy self-standing storage.
• Powerful LED lights on the vacuum nozzle reveal hidden debris around your home.
Cleaning Path Width22.86 cm
ColorForest Mist Blue
Wattage700 watts
Warranty (years)5
LED LightsYes
Weight10.7 lbs
Hose Length1.28 m
Cord Length9.14 m
Product Dimensions (cm)117.32 cm L x 26.52 cm W x 28.91 cm H
Dust Cup Capacity0.64 L
Voltage120 volts
Hand Vax Weight2.59 kg
Amperage5.8 amps
Filter TypeWashable HEPA + Foam Filters

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  • Duster Crevice Tool
  • Pet Multi-Tool
  • Accessory Holder

How do I clean above floors with or without accessories?
There are three different above-floor cleaning modes to choose from:

  • To clean above-floor areas with the wand, stand the vacuum upright, then step on the release pedal on the floor nozzle and pull up the wand.
  • For even more reach and flexibility with the wand attached to the pod, slide the hose cuff down to extend the integrated hose. Note: When finished with the hose, snap the hose cuff back into place to reattach the wand to the pod.
  • To clean with the Lift-Away® pod, first detach it by pressing the Pod Release button on the back of the wand. Attach an accessory for more reach when cleaning above-floor areas like stairs and on furnitures. For added flexibility and reach, slide the cuff down to extend the hose.

Note: When finished with the hose, snap the hose cuff back into place.
How do I store the vacuum?
The UpLight™ corded vacuum features retractable wheels that extend to keep the vacuum in a standing position in upright position.

For easy maneuverability in storage mode, tilt the handle back and roll the vacuum on the retractable wheels. To take the vacuum out of storage mode, step on the footprint icon on the floor nozzle and tilt the handle back. The retractable wheels will slide back.
When and how do I clean the filters?
Filters may need to be cleaned if the vacuum stops picking up dirt, if airflow is restricted, or if you notice lighter or no suction. For optimal performance, clean filters regularly. Between cleanings, lightly tap filters clean over a trash receptacle to remove dust and debris as needed.

Rinse the pre-motor foam and felt filters once a month, or as needed.
  1. Remove the dust cup from the pod by lifting the release latches on the back of the handle.
  2. Remove the foam filter and the filter frame. The felt filter is built into the frame. Pull the foam filter off the frame.
  3. Rinse the foam filter and the filter frame with cold water only. Be sure to wash the frame thoroughly.
  4. Allow filters to air-dry completely (at least 24 hours) before reinstalling.
  5. Once dry, install the foam filter onto the felt filter frame.
  6. Reattach the dust cup.

Rinse the post-motor HEPA filter once a year, or as needed.
  1. Press the HEPA button on the bottom front of the dust cup to remove the filter cover.
  2. Push the middle tab to remove the HEPA filter.
  3. Rinse with cold water only.
  4. Allow filter to air-dry completely (at least 24 hours) before reinstalling.
  5. Once dry, reinstall the filter.
  6. Reattach the filter cover until both sides click into place.

Note: Do not place filters in the dishwasher or washing machine.