Pet Power Brush

Designed to remove pet hair and ground-in dirt from carpeted stairs and upholstery.
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Compatible with:

AZ1000, AZ1000W, AZ1001, AZ1002, AZ1002BRN, AZ1002C, AZ1002NP, AZ1003, AZ1003BRN, NV150, NV150C, NV151, NV151NP, NV251, NV255, NV341, NV341QGN, NV341QPR, NV341QR, NV342QBL, NV342QRD, NV431, NV651, NV651QBL, NV651QFR, NV651QGN, NV651QMR, NV651QPR, NV651QR, NV751, NV752, NV752BRN, NV760, NV830, NV831, NV835, QU573QBL, QU573QGN, QU573QRD, QU573QS, UV540, UV540CCO, UV541CCO, UV572CCO, UV650, UV725, UV725BXBRN, UV770QCH, UV770QNV, UV770QPM, ZU560, ZU560C, ZU561, ZU561A, ZU561C, ZU561QBK, ZU561QBL, ZU561QRD, ZU562, ZU562NP, ZU570, ZU571, ZU572, ZU60, ZU62, ZU620, ZU621, ZU62C, ZU62NP, ZU632, ZU632B1, ZU65, ZU881, ZU885

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