Foodi™ Indoor Grill Kebab Set

This handy set of 5 skewers (each 7.25" long) allows for endless kebab options for chicken, meat, seafood, and vegetables. Because of the Foodi™ Indoor Grill's unique airflow, you get that char-grilled taste you crave without having to fire up your outdoor grill. Dishwasher safe.
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Compatible with:

AG21KT1, AG21KT101, AG21KT102, AG21KT103, AG21KTM1, AG21KTM101, AG21KTM102, AG21KTM103, AG300, AG300C, AG301, AG301A, AG301B1NP, AG301BRN, AG301C, AG301CO, AG302, AG302BRN, AG302H, AG302HAQ, AG302HBK, AG302HCM, AG302HNV, AG302HRD, AG302HWH, AG305BBYC, AG400, AG400C, AG450, BG500A, DZ250Q, DZ250QAQ, DZ250QBL, DZ250QCN, DZ250QWH, FG550, FG551, FG551B1, FG551B1NP, FG551C, FG551H, FG551HBK, FG551HBL, FG551HCO, FG551HEG, FG551HWH, FG551NP, FG551Q, FG551QBLK, FG551QCN, FG551QCO, FG551QWH, IG301A, IG301CCO, IG301CO, IG302Q, IG302QB, IG302QBL, IG302QCN, IG350Q, IG350QBK, IG350QBL, IG350QCN, IG350QCO, IG350QWH, IG450CO, LG450CCO, LG450CO, SP351Q, SP351QBK, SP351QCM, SP351QCP, SP351QNV, SP351QRD
Product Dimensions (cm)18.42 cm L x cm W x cm H

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