Anti-Allergen Dust Brush

This brush features nylon fiber bristles specifically designed for removing fine dust and allergen particles from the most delicate surfaces.
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Compatible with:

AX912, AX912BRN, AX950, AX951, AX952, AZ1000, AZ1000W, AZ1001, AZ1002, AZ1002BRN, AZ1002C, AZ1002NP, AZ1003, AZ1003BRN, LA300, LA301, LA301C, LA322, LA500, LA502, NV380, NV431, NV830, NV831, NV835, QU922QBK, QU922QBL, QU922QPK, QU922QRD, QU922QRG, UV700, UV725, UV725BXBRN, UV850, ZU51, ZU620, ZU621, ZU632, ZU632B1, ZU700C

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