Cordless vacuums
A free
state of clean.

Every home is different. Pick your cordless clean.

Different space, different clean. From upright vacuums to stick vacuums, even hand vacuums, Shark® has freed you from the cord and delivered on power.

**Measured at the hand vac/handle in ION Power mode; IF280 runtime when using two batteries consecutively

Take your cleaning further.

Shark’s premier technologies enable versatile cordless cleaning from the floor to the ceiling.

Up to 80 minutes with 2 batteries

The Shark ION F80 offers two interchangeable batteries for up to 80 minutes of runtime**—vacuum, swap batteries, and keep going.


Two functions in one—fold your vacuum over for compact storage, or bend at the wand while cleaning to reach under furniture.

Everyday cleaning

The Shark ION F80 is lightweight, powerful, and ultra-maneuverable to take on everyday cleaning in minutes. Bend the wand for flexible reach under furniture or convert to a hand vacuum for easy above-floor cleaning.

One powerhead. Two brushrolls.

Invented for fine dust & large debris on carpets and hard floors.

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