Shark® has reinvented the vacuum cleaner head.

No pile left behind.

Whether you’re working with an upright, stick, or cordless vacuum, if it’s got DuoClean®, you’ll have two brushrolls to clean hard floors and carpets like you wouldn’t believe.

Meet Triple Particle Cleaning®.

With no front wall to “snowplow” debris forward, DuoClean® pulls in what other traditional vacuums can leave behind—large particles, small particles, and stuck-on dust.

1. Large particles

From cereal to pet food, DuoClean® pulls in piles of large particles and handles them with powerful suction.

2. Small particles

Sand, dirt, even glitter—small particles are no match for DuoClean® dual brushrolls.

3. Stuck-on dust

An added soft brushroll tackles dust and stuck-on debris for a polished look.

Many options. One extraordinary clean.

Shark® has DuoClean® in nearly any format—upright vacuums, stick vacuums, even cordless vacuums. You name the style, Shark® delivers the deep cleaning.

**Measured at the hand vac/handle in ION Power mode; IF280 runtime when using two batteries consecutively

Two brushrolls. All floors.

A bristle brush to deep-clean carpets. An additional soft brushroll to pull in larger particles and directly engage floors for a polished look. See DuoClean® in action.

What is DuoClean®?

Two distinct brushrolls to take on carpets and floors with ease.
Take a look inside of the DuoClean® cleaner head.

Bristle brushroll
Bristles agitate and lift embedded debris from carpets, while aiding pickup on hard floors without scratching or damaging the floor.
Soft brushroll
The soft brushroll compresses to pull in large particles and piles, while engaging directly with hard floors for a polished look.

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