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8 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Look Cleaner in a Hurry

8 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Look Cleaner in a Hurry

We’ve all had to tidy or clean in a hurry at some point in our life. Whether an unexpected guest is dropping by or we’re working long hours, when spare time is at a premium, chores often fall to the bottom of the to-do list.

But you don’t need to perform a major spring clean to get your home looking more presentable. There are a few quick fixes that can tide you over until you have enough time to clean more thoroughly.


1. Clean high traffic areas first

If you’re about to receive an unexpected visitor, you should prioritise the areas of your home that people are most likely to see. Walk from your front door to the room your visitors will enter first, making a mental note of everything that can be done within a minute or two. Vacuum, polish and declutter so that everything looks neat and clean – at least at first glance.

2. Head to the bathroom

You can usually get away with a few wipes and polishes here and there in halls and living spaces — but not in bathrooms. A dirty toilet or bathroom can rarely be disguised, and it could reflect badly on your entire home. Head to the bathroom and start with a quick declutter and tidy – even if that means shoving hygiene products in a cupboard. Add some toilet cleaner or bleach to the toilet bowl, put out some fresh towels and replenish the soap. Give everything a quick wipe down with a cloth, and finally give the floors a quick mop if you have time.

3. Declutter

Quickly dart around each room in your home, and either find a place for clutter or throw it into a bag to sort out later. You’ll be amazed at what big a difference this can make, yet it will only take you a few minutes.

4. Do the dishes

Dirty dishes piling up in and around your sink can leave your entire kitchen looking dirty and messy. If you have dirty dishes to deal with, make them a priority. If you’re really up against it, and a visitor is imminent, stack the dishes and store them in your oven.

5. Let there be light!

Once you’ve cleared the clutter, throwing a little light on the issue can make your home look brighter and cleaner. Natural light always works best, so open curtains and blinds, and remove any obstructions from your windows. Make sure to check surfaces for dust, as sunlight always draws attention to it.

If it’s dark, you can give your home a warm glow with candles. Turn down the electric lights first though, as they’ll show up the worst of the dirt and dust in your home.

6. Vacuum

You don’t need to vacuum every square inch of your home, but a quick vacuum of the main areas will refresh your floors, fluff up your carpets and create the impression that you treat cleaning as a daily ritual.

7. Add some nice aromas

Filling your home with natural scents can create a welcoming impression and may divert attention from any messier areas of your home. Try scattering scented candles, reed diffusers, flowers and essential oils around your home.

8. Wipe all surfaces

An easy way to create the illusion of a spotless house is by ensuring all of your surfaces are clean and clear. Wipe down mantelpieces, hearths, tables, worktops and shelves — and make sure they’re free of clutter. Don’t forget appliances and electrical items… nothing gives the game away like a dusty TV screen illuminated by direct light.

If you’re fast and organised, you can make your home look clean and tidy in minutes.


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